Let us all join together in offering our humble and respectful pranams at the lotus feet of our Paramapujya Kulaguru His Holiness Sri Sri Bharathi Tirtha Mahaswamiji, seeking his benign blessings for the wellbeing of our community.

We wish to draw your kind attention to a perennial problem that has plagued the community particularly the lower strata of the community. Friends, this malignant problem going by the name of POVERTY has made deep inroads in our community. Many of them live in abject poverty riddled with more mouths to feed and less hands to work. It is with profound sense of pain we wish to share that 10 – 15% of our people live “BELOW POVERTY LINE”. Many of them are unable to have two square meals a day. Ill-health is very rampant among them. Availing medical facility is a luxury which many cannot afford. Untimely deaths are frequent due to this deprivation. Also in the backdrop of political scenario vis-à-vis caste matrix we are hardly significant enough to garner attention and support. Like rubbing salt to the wound, few of our community brethren were found begging in sly. This dear friends, is like hitting the nadir of our community well-being. We at no cost can allow things to plummet to this painful level. No community worth its salt will allow its people to this level of depravation. Let us all unite to bring succor to the unfortunate brethren. Let us all unite to annihilate the problem of poverty. With our collective strength and religious determination this can be accomplished easily.

It is with this noble objective was born “VAISHYA KALYANA NIDHI” in 1971. This forum has been collecting donations through its volunteers from amongst our community. Funds so collected are invested in banks as Fixed Deposits. The interest accumulated is paid to the needy brethren. The concerned local unit will sponsor the application for the aid after making thorough checks to know the bona fides of the applicant and the claims made. Taking into consideration the number of applicants and the reasons stated for the aid the quantum of amount to be released is determined. As always preference is given to those applications seeking funds for medical treatment.

Needless to add that the applications for aid far outnumbers the funds in hand, thereby instead of flowers only petals are being given. Funds are the main source of deficiency in distribution. It is with this gloomy scenario in the background that we seek your unstinted spontaneous support both in the form of valuable suggestions and also generous contributions in reaching out to our own unfortunate brethren in distress.

We from our side wish to make a solemn supplication to our donors that every penny so collected will be accounted. We also wish to solemnly promise that this nidhi will work in total fairness to both the donors and the beneficiary and in total transparency. Names of the donors along with their donations will be gratefully accepted and notified on the website and the names of the beneficiary with amount sanctioned and the purpose will also be displayed. Let us all resolve and galvanize ourselves to the maxim “EACH ONE REACH ONE”.

Friends please feel free to get any of your doubts, clarifications or any such matters regarding the nidhi be it composition, functioning, distribution and collection from any of us mentioned below. We promise to clear all your queries at the earliest with authenticated documentary proof. While assuring you of total transparency we solicit your total participation and active feedback in running this avowed nidhi to mitigate the sufferings of our people and assuage their feelings of insecurity.


  1. PRAKASH.V.SHETTI(KANJAN), Ankola 9448435024
  2. PANDURANG.V.SHETTI(KANJAN), Ankola 9591347524
  3. V.D.KASBEKAR, Bangalore 9731983458
  5. G.S.SHETTI, Karwar
  6. RAJESH.S.BADGERI, Bangalore 9448224454
  7. R.K.ALGERI, Bangalore 9448029963

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